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Don’t worry about it, I enjoy helping people and educating them, hence why I blog so much and wrote these titles 😀


As to your query.  The “MessagingClientBroadcast” is responsible for sending the “alert” for the conversation to start, which in the book is attached to the Border.  This “shouts” when your player collides with the border.

Then GreyBeard has the “MessagingClientReceiver”script attached which is listening for when the “MessagingClientBroadcast” shouts.

The MessagingManager sits in the middle with the “Conversations” list, it listens for the “Shout” and then relays that to whomever is listening, which in this case is GreyBeard.


If your still struggling, zip me up your assets folder and again and send me the link to help point you in the right direction if you are still struggling.


Hope that helps.

Simon (Darkside) Jackson