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Anyways in the meantime what I think of the book:

I worked through more than half of the book and took up several of the assignments the book gave. Here are a couple of things that bother me about this book:

The explanations of why we are doing something is not always clear. I think the book should do a better job of explaining a given unity feature. This is especially important in the case of the chapter where I am right now. There’s use of canvas group components to hide underlying buttons, which is not clear at first. I think this stuff should clarified right from the begining before blindly writing instructions down and expecting people to follow it.

Throughout the book I felt I had to rush through a given chapter to see whether a given game feature will work properly and find out what the intentions of the author were.

Some of the assignments at the end of each chapter need clarification and simply more space to explain what the task actually is and what the results should be. Some of the tasks are repetitive like going through the chapter once more to implement additional in game content, which is fine (its part of the learning process afteral). Other assignments expand the game in a different way that might become an issue at later chapters of the book. This makes me think that the author blindly written down the assignmenty without going through them him self.