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Sorry it’s taken oh so long to reply. For some reason I didn’t get a notification for your query.

My feelings about this second edition run deep, in short, NOT very good.  I’m sure the author was trying to do a good job but was likely hampered by pressures.

I have since done a full technical review of the book and submitted them back to the publisher, whether they republish with those edits is up for some debate.

It saddens me to see my work degraded in this way.  There was nothing wrong with the first book and (imho) it did not need updating yet and the new edition does not add anything useful (except screenshots and different artwork), Audio I had left out on purpose, as it had nothing really to do with 2D and there is more than enough audio content on the Unity site to help with that.

Sadly, I’ve had to close the comments on the forums for now, due to spammers.  So the best way to reach out is via the book’s Facebook page, which can be found here:

Hope to hear from you.



I just posted on the FB page, following the Unite conference in Austin, I am now thinking of doing a true “Second Edition” with tons of new content.  You can check out the details so far on FB.

Simon (Darkside) Jackson