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I’ve been notified that there were a couple of publishing errors when the book was pushed out, these have been escalated internally and the publisher is looking to resolve them.

Above all, no one who has or will buy the book will be left out.  I’ll support all readers of my work as far as I can.

The main issues at present are:

  • In some chapters “MonoBehaviour” has been renamed to “MonoBehavior”.  This shouldn’t have happened and is being resolved. As soon as I know more I will post here.
  • PDF page numbers don’t match reading pages – I’m told this is normal, if this changes I’ll let you know.
  • Ch 2 had some missing using statements in the “Navigation” code.  This is my bad and will be corrected.
    The missing Using statements should be:
    using UnityEngine;
    using System.Collections.Generic;

If you find any others, please let myself know via the “ContactMe” page on my blog, I appreciate your support in ironing out any issues.

Simon (Darkside) Jackson