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My friends and I have had our eyes on this book for a while and it sounds like a 2nd edition is upcoming. We all have computer science backgrounds and are interested in what Unity2D has to offer. Some of my friends have worked with Unity3D (and are in the process of finishing a game in it) but found the costs of 3D assets prohibitive as a new developer and want a crash course in Unity2D’s capabilities. Others (including myself) have about a decade of experience each in RPG Maker and really want a tool with professional finesse like Unity2D since RPG Maker is fairly elementary for someone with a computer science background.

As such, I just want to collectively ask for us when we should expect the updated edition? We’re interested in purchasing several copies between all of us. We would prefer print copies as they are easier for a group to reference although would likely pay the additional $2.99 for Kindle as well. We just want to know when we should buy these. In addition, if we purchase the Kindle version does this get updated to later editions when released?

We’re very excited about this book. Just from the table of contents it looks like this is incredibly in-depth and it’s 500 pages to boot! We’re thrilled you have a section on fixed vs procedural mapping since it’s something we’ve spent a bit of discussion on. Thanks for any response and for writing what looks like an excellent resource!