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Thanks for your kind works and support Russ.

Yes there is a 2nd edition coming. The dates I have at the moment point to the end of September (or more likely the first week in October), this just corrects all the points above plus some corrections I have requested.

The first few chapters are predominately the 2D system, where the rest of the book shows using the tricks you have learned to implement a 2D RPG game with many more tips, tricks and guidance to make the most of Unity’s features. Finally it finishes off with utilizing and extending the editor to help make games and deployment / marketing.

On the section titled “fixed vs procedural mapping” it does a comparison of several of the ways to build maps in your game and discusses the differences / challenges and so on.  It doesn’t do any procedural content as that would be an entire book in it’self, there are however a lot of links and advice should you wish to venture down that route. 

Personally I love procedural generation and have spent many years tinkering with is since the early days of Oneil and the infinity project (check out and even titles like Britonia (

I could have easily made this book twice as big but that would have upset the publisher greatly :S

Any othe questions or queries, feel free to start up a thread on any part of the book 😀

Simon (Darkside) Jackson