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Dave Arnoldi

Hi again Simon.


I have a request for a UI recipe for you.

i have been trying for sometime now to superimpose calibration images on top of the new slider control.

at first glance you would expect this to be simple. Just divide the width of the control by however many calibration images you want and dynamically position the  child images by X + result * calibration image sequence numer with pivot at 0,0.

the problem is the canvas scaler throws this for a loop.

the slider width is always reported as the same value regardless of scaling.

i have posted on answers.unity and only had replies from people with similar issues, no answers. I have also seen other lists on other forums with similar problems, but no solutions.


i am tending towards having to extend the slider control itself but I am hoping that there is a simpler solution that I am missing.




Dave Arnoldi