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Thank you for your honest feedback, it is always welcome.

I apologise for the errors you uncovered, there was a lot of proof reading for the entire book by many people, so it is a shame something slipped through, glad you were able to work through it though.

With regards to the Spritesheet system, that is a tricky one because it wasn’t the focus of the book but you should have had enough information to get setup once you understood the basics.  Where you needed more info I always ensured to give the reader links where they could find out more.  The spritesheet system took up almost an entire chapter in my previous book and I just didn’t have the space to fit it in this title.

Examples are also a tricky one as the focus of the book is to teach you the fundamentals of what makes the UI system tick.  Granted there are plenty of small examples to show you how things work but no BIG overarching examples, something I will follow up on with bonus content on my blog that you will get the best out of by reading the book.

Like my previous book, the journey does not stop there and if there are any specific scenarios or content you are still hungry for, then let me know and I’ll get something up.

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Simon (Darkside) Jackson