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    Welcome to the Mastering Unity 2D forum.

    In this post I will post announcements and important news for readers of the above title.


    Please read the Code of Conduct post before posting, also check the FAQ to see if it’s something I’m already aware of.

    Simon (Darkside) Jackson


    I’ve been notified that there were a couple of publishing errors when the book was pushed out, these have been escalated internally and the publisher is looking to resolve them.

    Above all, no one who has or will buy the book will be left out.  I’ll support all readers of my work as far as I can.

    The main issues at present are:

    • In some chapters “MonoBehaviour” has been renamed to “MonoBehavior”.  This shouldn’t have happened and is being resolved. As soon as I know more I will post here.
    • PDF page numbers don’t match reading pages – I’m told this is normal, if this changes I’ll let you know.
    • Ch 2 had some missing using statements in the “Navigation” code.  This is my bad and will be corrected.
      The missing Using statements should be:
      using UnityEngine;
      using System.Collections.Generic;

    If you find any others, please let myself know via the “ContactMe” page on my blog, I appreciate your support in ironing out any issues.

    Simon (Darkside) Jackson


    Right, just finished updating the published copy of the book, this addresses all recorded errata and a few extra bits.

    I’ve been assured by the publisher that this will repalce the currently published version and EVERYONE who has bought the title already will receive an updated version.


    I’d like to highlight, that all of the changes are just minor changes, there are no big changes or corrections.  In most cases they are just the renaming of some component and property names (that shouldn’t have been corrected), a couple of them are mine, the rest occurred in publishing.

    The publisher (Packt) have been very receptive to readers comments, feeding everything back to me to update in my own way.  All in all they have handled the situation very professionally and helped me to ensure that the title is the best it could be.


    If you have any further questions on any part of the book (or even general Unity questions) or suggestions for the for the future, just drop me a line here in the forums.

    All the best to my current and future readers, you are a fantastic crowd!


    Now on to the next one! (which reminds me, I should setup the forum for the next book in advance for any Unity UI questions, some may even make it in to the book!)


    A massive thanks to the following readers who took their time to give me valuable feedback!

    • S Wheatley
    • Jeffery Chupp

    A truly amazing bunch committed to ensure the book is even more awesome!


    Simon (Darkside) Jackson


    Just to let everyone know another bug has popped up in Ch5, this is doe to a change / bug in the latest build of Unity (4.5.3f3 & 4.6b18)

    The Unity editor no longer lets you add scripts that derive from ScriptableObject??
    I’ve logged some issue with Unity and waiting for them to get back.

    Annoyingly in the example project with the book, it works fine!

    Will update as soon as I have more, the fix for this (if required) will be included in the update to the title.

    Simon (Darkside) Jackson


    Seems I forgot to update the announcements thread on this.

    I’m working on an update for Mastering Unity 2D Game Development to update the GUI to the new UI system introduced in 4.6.  you can see the details about it here.

    Time is short, so I’m working on it when I can, when life doesn’t get in the way 😀

    Simon (Darkside) Jackson

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