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    Frequently Asked questions:

    Where can I buy the book?

    The book can be purchased directly from Packt or from many of the other major online book retailers, such as Amazon, ScriptD, Google and many more. Just search ISBN: 9781849697347

    If I find an error in the book what do I do?

    Packt offer an Errata service which is detailed in the book, alternatively you can contact me directly or post in this forum.

    There’s something explained that I don’t fully understand.

    Then drop me a mail or post here.  My door is always open (although that might be the foot of the last person who bothered me keeping it there :D)

    Can I publish a review of your book?

    Feel free to put your views out there, no permission required. I’d ask you to be nice (because i always am in my reviews) but it’s down to you.  You won’t hurt my feelings if you dislike the book. (well maybe a bit but I’ll get over it)

    Can I offer you more money? I love this title!

    Sure, my bank details are xxx-xx-xxxxx :D. I’m already more than happy with your support if you have bought the book, feel free to encourage others who will find it useful :D.

    Can I get early access to your titles in production?

    Mail me and we’ll see, got this publisher thing that keeps pestering me.

    Does money really grow on trees?

    If your asking this please let me know you address so I can move there, sounds a wonderful place.
    I’m not expecting to be an award winning author or own a big boat in the near future but I can dream.

    Simon (Darkside) Jackson

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