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    Paul Hogan

    Hi, I bought the book yesterday and have got through to page 129 and although at first I was happy and enjoying it the lack of proper examples projects is disappointing along with typos is rather deflating.

    I usually find that as each new topic is introduced a work through of creating a project is helpful, rather than supplying a completed sample project that have a layout that does not match the book.

    The section making use of UIPack I find wanting in that many steps are omitted with the presumption the user knows the required steps, yes it states reading up on the Sprite Editor but it would not have taken long to include the steps to import and set the spritesheets inspector parameters up?

    A typo on page 115 on step 4 that states to repeat steps 14 and 15? There are no steps 14 and 15, but easily figured it out.

    I bought the book as I hoped it would resolve the problem with taps on buttons travelling through to the underlying game objects but as yet the steps taught do not work for me.

    So although yes this book does walk through a list of what the UI provides it is not really helping to learn how to use them, which is a shame as it comes across as so promising.

    Dont get me wrong, I do not think it was a wasted purchase as I have/am learning a lot about the UI but really wished it had good walk through examples.


    Thank you for your honest feedback, it is always welcome.

    I apologise for the errors you uncovered, there was a lot of proof reading for the entire book by many people, so it is a shame something slipped through, glad you were able to work through it though.

    With regards to the Spritesheet system, that is a tricky one because it wasn’t the focus of the book but you should have had enough information to get setup once you understood the basics.  Where you needed more info I always ensured to give the reader links where they could find out more.  The spritesheet system took up almost an entire chapter in my previous book and I just didn’t have the space to fit it in this title.

    Examples are also a tricky one as the focus of the book is to teach you the fundamentals of what makes the UI system tick.  Granted there are plenty of small examples to show you how things work but no BIG overarching examples, something I will follow up on with bonus content on my blog that you will get the best out of by reading the book.

    Like my previous book, the journey does not stop there and if there are any specific scenarios or content you are still hungry for, then let me know and I’ll get something up.

    Look forward to hearing more from you.

    Simon (Darkside) Jackson


    Gah I see what happened with that issue on 115, seems the bullet numbering got restarted somehow.

    Will log that as Errata, thanks for the heads up.

    Simon (Darkside) Jackson

    Paul Hogan

    All good points, and accepted maybe my expectations are beyond what the book is intended to offer.

    But like I say it is not considered a wasted purchase as I am learning from it.

    Paul Hogan

    Do you have an errata page that readers can post them to?


    Errata is usually submitted using the Errata links in the book. The publisher “Packt Publishing” have an errata link on their website:

    I also maintain a curated Errata post here for the book once I receive it from them. (but you can also email me direct using the “Contact page” here on my blog)


    Thanks for the support.


    There is more spritesheet work in the Appendix, coving a few other tips and tricks. Still not an in depth overview of the editors capabilities though.

    Simon (Darkside) Jackson


    Continuing on the feedback. I started reading the book from the chapter 6 since mostly I was interested in the Unity Event System. At the page 209 I’ve found the following inconsistency.
    You wrote there, that IEndDragHandler and IDropHandler are the same, but the last one is called without data. In fact they are not the same, although they do happen on the drag end. The first one is called if the Drag was released with the pointer out from the draggable object, but the IDropHandler isn’t.
    For instance, imaging you started dragging some object, which for some reason stuck at some place on the scene, but the pointer kept moving and got out from the draggable object. So in this case the EventSystem would call IEndDragHandler, but it wouldn’t call IDropHandler.

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