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    Things are now starting to heat up on the big launch event for my upcoming Unity title Unity 3D UI Essentials

    The competition and the prizes are going to be Huge, Epic, fantastic and not just cover the book itself.
    There will be Print, ebooks, codes, assets and a special guest appearance by my previous title Mastering Unity 2D Game Development as well.

    The only problem I have now is what to call this uber grand massive promotion. Answers on a postcard please

    • The Uber ultimate give-away promotion of epicness
    • James and the giant sack of ultimate awesomesauce competition
    • The eat all you like so long as it’s books, codes giveaways and stuff
    • A more shiny and grand takeaway and bigger since the last thing that was sliced

    So many choices to choose from grin emoticon

    Coming VERY VERY SOON>

    I did say it was going to be epic, didn’t I? tongue emoticon

    The book(s) are also going on tour in the next few months, if you are able to attend any of them you might just walk away with a signed copy of something (biscuit wrappers not included)

    February just got renamed AwesomeGiveAwayMonthAry

    Simon (Darkside) Jackson

    Dave Arnoldi

    So give us more info on the event already!

    I bought your book and I just want to say a big thank you! I’ve recently got started on unity and although I have many many years of development experience under my belt, the new UI has been somewhat frustrating to grapple with.

    So many awesome tutorials are now redundant as they deal with the old system. Unity official tutorials don’t go into enough detail, and other tutorials that are starting to pop up are a mixed bag of hacks and awesomeness.

    your book is the first and only place I have found that goes into enough detail to be useful for most scenarios without expecting the reader to be a Unity guru.

    So, again, thank you! I wish you great success with it and look forward to your next one,


    Dave Arnoldi


    Thanks for your kind words and kick up the jacksie 😀

    Everything is in place for the comp and it will be announced this week!  I’ve still got my feelers out to beef up the prize list beyond what I’ve got confirmed already.

    Glad you finding the UI book useful (look forward to reading your review :D), As with my last, I got lots of plans to go further with lots of bonus content.

    If you have any request for more content, or even some UI recipies you would like to see, then just make use of the forums.


    Also keep an eye on the BitBucket repo I’m managing (created thanks to the book) that is mentioned in Ch 6. It contains example controls / effect and components that the community is creating, all in one handy place.  There will also be a .Unitypackage to easily deploy then and even full editor support 😀

    AS you have probably read in my boo, I don’t stop at half way 😀


    To infinity (and old age) and beyond

    Simon (Darkside) Jackson

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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