So you have read all my stuff, gone through all my things and now you want to also know about me?

I’m a long time community developer focusing on all things XNA / Windows Phone / Windows 8 / Windows 10 and beyond.  I’m also proficient in most of the game development engine’s out there including Unity / Scratch and Unreal, as well as most of the common 2D/3D tools used in game creation. I’m also looking to expand with CryEngine this year.

I’m also the UK ID@Xbox MVP and soon to be XBOX MVP. Always looking to help developers through the ID program and get their titles on all of Microsoft’s platforms, as well as help and encourage them to be as successful as possible.

Technical Architect by day in the Healthcare division of a large services company while at night I come alive with endless stories and possibilities.

(I really should keep this bit up to date)

Now that my books are both published (and doing well), I’ve been writing more articles and working on the awesome open source UI Extensions project which is chock full of community written UI controls for the new Unity UI framework.
Been working on AdRotator whilst working behinds the scenes and with the MonoGame team with lots of blog posts appearing from both of these activities.
Former admin of the XNAUK group and Master Chief of ZenithMoon Studios

Simon (Darkside) Jackson



Feel free to drop me a line