This one from  Mike Schuld’s, The Ramblings of a Hazy Mind site.

Mike has updated his 3D tutorial on using his custom XNA 3D engine, lots of goodies on

  • Framework
  • Scene Graphs and Object Framework
  • Shaders and Cameras
  • Camera Movement and Simple Input logic
  • The building of a simple Skybox

All goodness and now with Beta 2 support, get your whites even brighter with that wash.

So for a day or so break from all competition woes, head over to Mikes’s place and rumage arround a bit.

Link to Source zips and Docs for Tutorials


As a side note, on Dave "LetsKillDave" Weller’s blog, he’s noted some good example games also upgraded to Beta 2 to browse though and a little hint of some Movie goodness from the XNA team on how to get the best from the content pipeline.

Enjoy – XNA GSE Beta2 Goodies