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Mastering Unity 2D Game Development – Published Via Packt

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This book was an interesting challenge for me and is written with the same flair I use within my blog, I have always felt it’s better to educate and show you, not only how to do things but also why you should do it one way over another, plus if there are any alternatives, I’ll point them out.  As a reader you should be informed about your choices (and then make your own mind up Open-mouthed smile).

See the book’s forum for news, announcements, hints and suggestions.

Note, due to the site hosting the Windows 8 Platform Starter kit shutting down, I’ve now hosted the kit at – you can find details about this in the forum here.

All the assets you need are also included in the Code / Assets download for the title which is detailed in the “Downloading the example code” section of the Preface.

Through its pages you will build an RPG game framework which you can then extend and make your own, the aim is to give you enough hints, tips and help to build your own finished game.

Here’s what you should expect from the title:

  • A run through the new improvements in Unity 4.3 and 2D game development (plus everything else in case you missed it)
  • A deep dive in to the new Sprite system and the Animation improvements (the first of my chapters that got so big it had to be split in twain)
  • Working with the camera in 2D, scenes and sprite layering plus some advanced coding techniques which lead up to building your own RPG conversation system.
  • We cover building a map and exploration system with the eventual conclusion of running in to some nasty goblins who have a really mean steak Streak Open-mouthed smile
  • If shopping is your thing, you’ve come to the right place, can I interest you in this lovely lv 1 sword. Learn to build a shopping system and then head back out in to the fray
  • In the second chapter that also got two big for its boots and had to be severed right down the middle we cover turn based battle systems, including some was to use Mecanim that you may have never considered before (State battle machines and AI anyone?)
  • With the game framework done we look at finishing your title and looking at the editor to see how we can extend it to help build our game for us (editor scripting, yummy), rounding up with an in depth report on enabling in-app purchasing the right way
  • Finally, we round up with a look at extending and deploying to platforms, cram packed with help on serialisation (saving and loading), making code only run on specific platforms or the editor and masses of hints and tips on marketing

My only regret with this book is that it couldn’t be bigger Open-mouthed smile there is more than enough information within this titles pages to get you 90% there with your own game, all you have to do is finish it and add lots more content!.

Using completely free assets from the web, you’ll create such scenes as:

Venturing forth from your home town

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Build a thriving village with backgrounds, scenery, interactive NPC's and even a shop. Sets up all the groundwork for the game

Of course you can use your own art assets to completely change the look and feel of you game, as many readers already have!.

Bonus Content

For some hidden insight behind the covers, be sure to checkout the current Snippet posts which are extended excerpts from its covers:

As with everything I do, if there’s more you want to know on any subject within the book, drop me a line or comment on my blog, I’ll be more than happy to write even more on the subject.

Be sure to check out the forums for the book on my blog here, in which you’ll find important announcements, tips and a base for you to fire questions / suggestions at me.

What people are saying!

Darren McBain

I have just finished working through this book and can say it was a thoroughly eye opening and enjoyable journey to be taken on.
The book works through building a 2D RPG style game playable framework using Unity3D. Yes I know, Unity3D, however unity over the last year has released a whole new system to cater for 2D development and the author used these to great effect throughout this book.

Alex Clément

Some might ask: “with so many tutorials available online, why should I buy this?”
Well, in all honesty, I’ve been there, and scoured the web for tutorials, howto’s and help guides. Much of what I learnt would have been WAY faster if I had this book to start with.

Dave Vogt

If you’re looking to start in game development, or move to Unity from another platform, I strongly recommend this book. It may be a little daunting for beginners, but the variety of topics and resources make it a good choice for anyone.

Michael Quandt

Should I Buy This?
This is always an “It depends”. If you’re looking for a book that you can work through, learning topics along the way with a practical, example driven approach. This is the book for you.

Enjoyed the book from start to finish. While there are some errors, an errata* list is available online. Best of all, the author is very friendly and super-helpful via social media! 🙂 I purchased the ebook soon after it was available, and shared my thoughts with the author and recommended the book to my colleagues and fellow Unity developers in online communities.

*Note all errata that was introduced in publishing in the 1st edition has been corrected in the recent update.