Unity 3D UI Essentials

Unity 3D UI Essentials – published by Packt


 Unity 3D UI Essentials – Published Via Packt

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Hot off the heals of my last title, I delved in to creating a new book solely on the new Unity UI that was released in Unity 4.6.

I had intended to include the Unity UI in my previous title, however due to timing and other things, it couldn’t happen (mainly because Unity said I couldn’t :S it was beta software at the time)

Unburdened by those shackles, this book has been written through the beta and updated for the release version, so everything is fresh, up to date and rocking!

Through its pages you will walk through the new UI system and see how it holds up against the Legacy GUI.  We will cover each and every step in great depth and walk through some common UI examples,  finishing up by delving in to the code and even hooking up to the Open Source (yes you heard that right) version of the UI system.  If you want you can submit changes back to Unity themselves, if you are strong in the force  Open-mouthed smile

Here’s what you should expect from the title:

  • Understand Unity Legacy GUI fundamentals to better understand the path forward
  • Explore the new tools Unity introduced with the new UI system
  • Unwrap the new base Unity UI controls and what makes them tick
  • Work with the Layout features and take control in a multi-resolution world
  • Build stunning UI within the 3D world as well as the traditional 2D
  • Understand the new Unity Event System and how it fits in to the new UI system and beyond
  • Learn how to get hold of the UI Source code from the Unity bitbucket site
  • Build and use your own version of the Unity UI in your projects

Bonus Content

For some hidden insight behind the covers, be sure to checkout the current Snippet posts which are extended excerpts from its covers:

  • tba (coming soon)

As with everything I do, if there’s more you want to know on any subject within the book, drop me a line or comment on my blog, I’ll be more than happy to write even more on the subject.

Be sure to check out the forums for the book on my blog here, in which you’ll find important announcements, tips and a base for you to fire questions / suggestions at me.

What people are saying!

The reviews are starting to flood in, here’s a snippet of the story so far:


Some will say “much of this information is available on the web”. Ya, one tidbit here, another piece there. It takes hours of searching to find the right articles/videos that explain what is nicely put together comprehensively in this book. This explains the whole UI soup to nuts.

Darren McBain

If like me, you have just started cutting your teeth on the new Unity UI, I found this book to be a one stop shop for an all round introduction and reference guide to what makes it all tick! Covering everything from what it was before… to everything it can be in the future through creating custom UI elements. Definitely got a place on my Unity bookshelf 🙂