Catching up on the webcasts I’ve done now for AT&T, here’s the recording from the second event from last month (March) on Web Connectivity for windows phone

Meet the Expert – WP7 and the Web (Part 2 of 2 in the Scoreboard Series) from Simon Jackson on Vimeo.

In the webcast we covered:

  • Connect up to the backend WCF service for the scoreboard
  • Grabbing Data from the service
  • Populating the view model with the service data
  • Data validations
  • Extension methods
  • Making the web calls process simpler using Reactive Extensions
  • Doing basic HTTP web post calls
  • Doing HTTP post calls reactively

That’s me done for webcasts for a little while. i wouldn’t recommend doing three in one month to anybody but it was certainly one hell of a ride.

For now i’m doing a few snippet webcasts for Blender to SunBurn which I’ll summarise here (like this one) but are being posted on my 3D blog (as it’s about Blender really)

now I really should stop helping out and get back to my own projects, but I know I’ll still struggle