As promised here’s the recording of the webcast session I did for AT&T on Augmented Reality with Windows Phone.

It was great going through this stuff and hopefully inspiring more people to think beyond with their apps and bring in the real world to augment users experiences!

Items that were covered in the session were:

    Recap on what it means to have Augmented Reality
    Review of the different types of AR solutions
    A High level description of what sensors and inputs you can use to augment your solution
    A Run down of the top 3 AR toolkits for Windows Phone in both Silverlight and XNA
    A code walkthrough of a Silverlight solution using SLARToolkit
    A Code walkthrough of a 3D SilverXNA project also using the SLARToolkit

Further details about the session can be found here on the AT&T Developer portal – “Programming Augmented Reality on Windows Phone Session

Anyway here’s the recording as promised

Programming Augmented Reality with Windows Phone from Simon Jackson on Vimeo.

*Update Source has now been uploaded for the webcast session, find it here (Now updated)

*Update2 – Make sure you have the latest Windows Phone SDK installed for these samples, especially the SilverXNA project – you need Version 7.1 and the update 7.1.1

Any questions or queries please let me know!