Seems these sites are multipling somewhere, Soon we’ll have XNA rabbits no doubt.

In the front of doing some sprite animation and rotation reasearch for Hack-1, I can accross yet another XNA site featuring tutorials, so far there are only 2D tutorials but what w wealth fo information here, especially good if you are new to this.

Current Tutorials are:


Creating a B2 Spirit Texture
XNA – Math
XNA – Simple Overhead Shoot-em-up
XNA – Rotated Sprite Per Pixel Collision Detection
XNA – Texture Manager
XNA – Simple Overhead Shooter
XNA – Simple Sample Game
XNA – 2D Per Pixel Collision Detection
XNA – Parallax Mapping
XNA – Using Effect (FX) Files
XNA – Custom Vertices
XNA – Drawing Text in XNA
XNA – Using the Mouse
XNA – Rotating a Sprite
XNA – Writing to Texture Surface

There are lots of other usefull bits of information and seems to be well thought out (although some of the tutorials talk about creating custom bits for stuff that are already in XNA now but likely these were written bofore XNA was released)

Link to Ziggyware

in other delvings I came across Andy Dunn’s (ZMan) exelent MSDN webcast of an introduction to shaders, WOW hats off to ZMan, it sometims is a shocker how big some things are if you’ve not properly looking into them and Shaders are one of those things


You can find out more about the ZMan at his website @

or on his blog –, he also frequents the MSDN forums offering lots of help and advice.