AdRotator V2 – Alpha 1 is out


Cross Posted from this post on AdRotator's new site - (still a work in progress but a start :D) Well it's been a long time coming but we are really making progress on AdRotator V2. So as of this week were announcing the first alpha release of AdRotator V2 which is … Continue reading

MonoGame: Building Portable Solutions


In one of my previous articles I talked about how MonoGame could be used with portable libraries, this was off the back of some work I was doing with the MonoGame team to help with some of the more tedious clean up tasks that needed doing and I had the time. Back then it was more of a dream, today … Continue reading

NGUI for Unity – A Review

Unity is by far outstripping al the competition with its multi-platform game framework, especially with their recent win in the Develop awards for best game engine (well done team).  So with the influx of new books to aid new developers, things are only going to keep moving and fast. NGUI for … Continue reading

MonoGame Modularisation

Times are changing and now that the latest milestone release of MonoGame (V3.2) is out there has been a lot of taking stock actions on the GitHub Site. Old PR’s and issues are being validated and closed, a clearing house of sorts to separate the wheat from the chaff as it … Continue reading