.NET 8, meet MonoGame

TL;DR -> .NET 8 language support is now available for MonoGame and opening up a whole new world of goodness and speed for games.

Get the .NET8 Party started

*Note, the information contained below is for those developers who want access to the cutting edge, as it requires access to the development source. (with the exception of upgrading your game to .NET 8)
The full release of the .NET 8 MonoGame support will be included with the 3.9 release, coming soon.

MonoGame may have seemed stagnant or unmoving in the past, mainly because of the... read more

MonoGame on the Web, No Really!

It shoots web?

TL;DR -> With a little effort, publishing MonoGame projects to the Web is possible, so long as you remember it is the Web and you cannot do EVERYTHING!

When it comes to GameJams, like the one mentioned in this post, pushing out the finished project as an EXE or Appx usually results in your project either getting downvoted or ignored, because who wants to infect their machine with an unknown just to test out a Jam project.This applies to most Game Engines out there that are not web-based, including MonoGame, but thankfully due to... read more

GameDev jamming with MonoGame

GameDev Jam for life!

TL;DR -> Getting started with MonoGame is easy, mastering it takes time. So, throw all that out the window and get hacking instead!


The 5th annual MonoGameJam is kicking off soon on the 30th November 2023, which is by far one of the best ways to throw yourself into MonoGame and learn something new:

  • Your next engine framework of choice.
  • Try something new and exciting (granted usually hair-raising).
  • Test out some new technique or skill.
  • Have fun and throw things at the screen or speakers until something sticks.

Not... read more