2 More updates - not mine again!

I should really get back to writing my own posts soon, My camera guide is moving along and the sample code does do both Matrix and Quaternion based calculations (and reuses the Quaternion method for rotating models in the view – works best)

Time is short and “Space Rangers 2 – The Dominators” has crept up on my game radar again and I have mistakenly installed it on my Dev Laptop, damn.. but hay ho.

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Shawn Hargreaves

has posted an article on XNA and graphics debugging which is very useful, be aware though, this talks about native DirectX debugging which will provide a lot of technical data back while running in DEBUG mode. Time to get out the DirectX guide book for this one, I can see questions on the forums rising soon!!.


Over on Manders Vs Machine, Mike has been working hard on his Line Drawing code, the previous samples included drawing everything from simple Lines to Fonts!, No he has put his code to drawing mazes, and damn good looking they are to, complete with sample code this is defiantly one to look at.

Back to work now!!


*Update – And as a side note the DreamBuildPlay competion has now entered the registration phase, so you can visit the site and put your name down, either as a contestand or just for info.  Thats it for the moment, further details will be release on Feb 5th, so keep watching
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