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The concept of play to earn is fast becoming the trend with games of late but Microsoft seems to be going one better. There are now even more ways to earn points by searching and playing games than ever before.

There is also a journey of discovery to try out new games you never thought of checking out before.

Check out Microsoft Rewards here

What this means is that you can accrue points and use them to redeem GamePass Ultimate for free, the play never stops. (there are a multitude of other rewards you can also claim, check them out here )

Put simply, I have been playing constantly and I’ve not had to pay any money at all for over 2 years to play my favorite games. I simply spend time playing those games :D

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Meet Microsoft GamePass

Simply put, GamePass is a subscription service that gives you access to over 100 games on Xbox and PC. Microsoft owned titles are free forever, while the rest are updated every month with approx 6 titles being added and dropping each month. You also get access to discounts to keep titles that are on GamePass (approx 10-20%).

If you are a GamePass Ultimate member, you can also use Microsoft’s Game streaming service to access Cloud-Based games on Xbox, PC and Mobile (both iOS and Android), instant play with no download.

Join Xbox GamePass Ultimate for £1/$1

Earning on Bing Rewards

Estimated time required 5 minutes
Points approx 100 daily
Supported Platforms Web, Xbox, Mobile (bing app)

Bing search is by far the easiest way to earn Microsoft points, simply visit while signed in with your Microsoft account, then complete the “Bing Dailies” (as shown below) and the “More Activities” for starters. You then also are awarded points for searching, but I just read the news headlines for the day and that is enough.

Make sure you are signed in (Identity Icon in the top-right), else your points do not count.

Earning on the Xbox App

Estimated time required 5 - 10 minutes
Points approx 250 daily
Supported Platforms Mobile & (optional) PC

The Xbox app on mobile gives you access to your Xbox and lots of info on Xbox titles. It also now has its own ability to earn you points through 4 new daily tasks:

  • Play Jewel - simple little match 3 game played on mobile, just play a level and collect the points
  • Play any GamePass title on PC - start a game on pc and this is complete
  • Play any Multiplayer GamePass title on PC - my favorite, a daily dose of Halo Infinite multiplayer
  • Open the Xbox App - congrats, you have already completed this.

You also get additional points for using the app daily and bonus points for having GamePass and friends.

Earn with the GamePass Quests

Estimated time required approx 30 minutes a week
Points approx 2500 per month
Supported Platforms Mobile, Xbox, PC

The main method of earning points is by simply playing GamePass games and included with these are the GamePass Quests.

These are broken up in to Daily, Weekly and Monthly quests, each refreshing appropriately. Some will have you playing games, others will be for completing other quests (open x dailies) or simply starting the app, all very easy. Even better, that if you have GamePass Ultimate, most titles can be played on Microsoft Cloud Gaming from PC, Mobile or Xbox, so you do not even need to install anything (although one quest is for installing games via the app).

The main thing I love about GamePass quests is that it makes me try games I would not normally think of trying (even when they are free on GamePass) and finding out what I do not like and what I do, and I am often surprised at times.

The Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox

Estimated time required approx 10 minutes a week
Points approx 3000 per month
Supported Platforms Xbox only

Often missed for those extra few points, the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox is quite rewarding (pun intended), mostly with tasks to check out titles and videos, with some more intensive high-reward tasks each month. The monthly task for instance will take you a few days (checking in each day)

The only limitation with the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox, is that this is ONLY available on Xbox and sometimes it can be challenging to remember to switch over to the app to claim those extra 50 points for daily achievements.

The weekly rewards gain bonuses every few weeks and will challenge you, from simply logging in, to getting a few achievements. And do not forget to check in after you earn achievements for an extra 50 points each day you gain them (only once a day though)

Useful resources

If you are struggling with some Quests or achievements, my goto place is Pure Xbox, they give a great breakdown of each quest for the week/month and how to achieve them in the shortest time.

GamePass Quests tips and tricks

In conclusion

Whether you are earning points to get more GamePass or for some interesting reward / gift cards is up to you, but it would be wise to sign up and get that little bit extra for what you are doing already, playing games.

Personally, I’ve loved GamePass quests as it has opened my eyes to new franchises and games, some I would have never considered before, such as Destiny 2 and the Division. It cost me nothing to try them and now they are among my favorite things to pick up and play when I want something different.

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