Another Busy day

Life just does not slow down Not that I want it to, really!!, but a rest every now and then would be nice.

Work is hectic, Stargate and Battlestar Galactica are back on, Heroes has started and the Latest UFO game UFO Afterlight has been released and is just fantastic (really knocks you back just how much there is to do in the game now after the last 2 generations, Aftermath and Aftershock)

But back to news – and no, A big apology as my camera stuff is just getting nowhere, there have been a few other good camera tutorials of late, not on the scale that I am working towards (when I have time) but good all the same – Free look Camera – (there are more, but I cannot find there links – I will keep looking)

On another note

working on Meshes and Shaders, I came across a new article on Benjamin Nitschke’s blog, where he has done a full COLLADA process for Models, skinning and even Animation. Unlike the current COLLADA importer which works within the Content Framework, Ben’s implementation does away with the XNA model type and works solely with index and vertex buffers of data.

Well worth a look – Which reminds me must check back with the current COLLADA XNA importer to see if the guy got animation working yet.

One to watch out for is the all new and snazzy Tutorial 4 on Rimers Site. What is it I hear you screaming wildly like a little girl! (Apologies to all little girls out there! lol).

Riemer has written a new advanced Terrain tutorial which looks Fab (go thunderbirds go!), check it out!!

Along with that

Eric van Feggelen on his site (which I linked to above) has done some other excellent stuff with creating complex meshes from only a few lines of code, also good!!

Simon (darkside) Jackson

Simon (darkside) Jackson

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