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More details released by the XNA team (at least we now know who’s running it!!)

Dave Mitchell has released the following statement on the XNA Team Blog

Dave Mitchell
Director | XNA

your dream game – build it today – millions may play it tomorrow

Things are shaping up incredibly well on the Dream.Build.Play. front. We’re finalizing a few remaining details before flipping the switch on the site over at http://www.dreambuildplay.com. Don’t head over there just yet, we’ll do that switch flipping within the next week for sure but not within the next 24 hours.

As with XNA Game Studio Express, we’re going to break from convention and look to do a few different things with Dream.Build.Play. This contest is about you – you the members of our XNA community and an opportunity to put gaming consumers in the spotlight as creators of compelling gaming entertainment. We’re about done lining everything up for you to take center stage and step within the spotlight. Are you? Do you have your game idea ready? Are you working on assembling a team? Have you started to prototype your game yet? If the answer to these questions is “no” then you’ve got some ground to start making up but the good news is that its not too late!

Nobody should feel rushed to complete their entry for Dream.Build.Play. The specific timeframes will be announced soon but I can say that everyone will have ample time to design, develop and polish their games. After all, we’re not after samples here… we’re looking for the next blockbuster game that’s lurking in your dreams! So for once, bite off more than you can chew and with the help of this great community and XNA Game Studio Express, make that killer dream game a reality.

A few details I will share:

  • Dream.Build.Play. is a global competition
  • There will be more than one winner
  • There will be more than one chance to win
  • We have fantastic sponsorships from a number of partners
  • XNA Creators Club members will really appreciate … [snip]
  • The Grand Prize is an incred… [damn I really must run to that meeting now. sorry folks!] 🙂

More annoyingly is he has decided to dangle the carrot further and left off information on purpose, I wonder if he has a death wish, lol

Oh well Time to visit the site link more often next week!!!!


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