Game engine source now available for Free

Seems a few guys now are really dishing it out to the public and rolling out their sweat ‘n’ guts and slitting their writs for the community.

Especially now 2 community developer have released their full source code for their game engines.

First off is RandomChaos’s engine, the main advantage of this one is that it’s written completely in C# and build in XNA. on the downside it is still fairly immature but still packs a load of features.

Charles though has also released a load of samples for his engine as well with the promise of even more to come, so head over to his Blog and check it out

on another front (just today in fact which prompted this rapidly typed blog) Nuclex has release his Game engine, it’s been 3 years in development with some 40,000 lines of code with a lot of helpful English commenting. Nuclex admits the engine is not complete but there is a hell of a lot in there but, the engine is written completely in C++, so if you want to use it in XNA then your likely going to need to port over what you need (unless by some miracle we can now use compiled libraries on the 360, unlikely). PC XNA’s will still be able to use it however and it is quiet advanced.

So have a browse offer to Nuclex’s site and see what’s on offer!

Simon (darkside) Jackson

Simon (darkside) Jackson

Engineer, industry executive, research enthusiast. Avid learner with diverse interests in coding, game development, Mixed Reality (AR/VR/XR) and reinforcement learning. 25+ years of experience working in multinational corporations and startups.


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