Going back to go forward

One day I’ll get back into my regular blog cycle, but today is not that day.

Work is a real task master, I’ve set-up a new Community Site for my son’s genetic disability (Prader-willie syndrome) and maintaining that takes a considerable chunk of my time, on top of that, against all odd’s my wife is now pregnant again, despite it not supposedly being possible, so that’s number 4 on the way now (ouch!).

So finding time to actually do game development is challenging (against using free time to actually play games) but is very fun and in light of George Clingerman’sbecoming a better developer” goals, I decided to re-scope my activities and took a step back.

Now I’m probably not going as far as George did but I did have a re-think of my goals and how to get there, so in this I’ve gone back to basics, so far back actually I’ve signed up the the GameDev.net C# workshop for learning C#, from the point of view that you can never learn enough about a subject. I do feel there are some parts of the C# language I’ve missed out on (interfaces, conditional operators and the finer arts of generics, to name a few) and some better coding standards.

Check out the width= GameDev.Net C# workshopcourse.

On other fronts I’ve scaled back my graphical adventures in favor of what I’m good at for now and started looking into Procedural Development and AI.

AI sort of caught me off guard when I found AIGameDev.com

[ ![ /></a></p>

It’s a fantastic site delving into some pretty complex themes with AI, everything from path-finding to concurrent behavior trees, any one interested in AI should pay a visit.

On other fronts (just today) I came across another new training initiative for 3D modeling.

<a href=](http://files.aigamedev.com/LOGO.png) ![ /></a>

3D model builder is an interactive 3D modeling course, which unlike the training plans for tools like Blender (which you should probably read first for your tool anyway), this site focuses on making more complex models, from Basic cubes and triangles to faces and architecture.

As far as my procedural content work goes, research is pretty tough, if you plan to look down this root then get your maths head on as its a rough ride.

So unlike George, I’ve just made a roadmap without timescale’s for things to work towards, although with it being me, I’ve opted for a parallel plan so I can work on what I have time for.

Now back to my blog list and all the lovely <a href=](http://www.3dkitbuilder.com/modelr/3dmodelbuilder.gif)DreamBuildPlay](http://aigamedev.com/) entries, Man some of those games are definitely something to aspire to, especially “Shuggy”, which takes a very simple idea and runs amuck with it, sorta like watching the Little Britain guys and never knowing what to expect.

Simon (darkside) Jackson

Simon (darkside) Jackson

Engineer, industry executive, research enthusiast. Avid learner with diverse interests in coding, game development, Mixed Reality (AR/VR/XR) and reinforcement learning. 25+ years of experience working in multinational corporations and startups.


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