How to market yourself with your windows 8 app quickly

*Note , a minor update in the wake of recent Windows Store experiences, added an option for a privacy policy. I highly recommend adding one even you don’t think you need one, Just in case 😀

*UPDATE!! – Do NOT use the marketplace search option in the helper as the Store has deemed this violates Cert 1.2, advertising in the settings charm. This is a ludicrous violation that we cannot link to the Microsoft Store from here as it makes no sense, this was allowed on the Phone platform but not here. Should still be Ok to use this from within your about page so long as it’s not a charm or fly=out!

Also it seems the default “Settings” charm also includes a “Rate and Review” option so you may choose to not enable this option, just don’t set the AppPackageName varable.

This article was inspired by a prominent Silverlight MVP and evangelist Kunal Chowdhury who wrote a nice little post on how to market your WP app better –

So seeing this I could not help to quickly morph his article to fit Windows 8, what becomes obvious as you compare the two is that there are so many things that are just basically easier with Windows Phone, hopefully the Windows 8 API will mature more over the coming months. (will be even more interesting when the WP8 SDK is revealed if they have stayed true to their roots or move to a more Win 8 route # shudder)

So here is the actual helper class:

Or download here from CodePaste.NET –

) – []( "")
  • Setup the “Settings” pane if you have not already

See the MSDN docs if you have not got it implemented yet –

  • Call the AddCommands() function from inside your Settings event handler

Just add the following into your settings CommandsRequested handler
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