Life on the firing line

Another month another visit to India.

The economy flying I can deal with, the food is fine, even the accommodation we are required to stay in to cut costs. the hardest part is leaving the family behind.

These past few months have been especially hard with over 6 weeks away in just over 3 months.

It’s not even as if I get any time to myself while I’m away to get my own things done, it’s all work work work.

That’s enough of a Rant…

It’s been really hard on my time, trying to et the next part in my 3D blog (featured below) done, I got several new game designs I need to work on and on top of that, I got the demands of my friends in Dark Omen Games as we try and see if we can get an entry for Dream Build Play up.

The latter of those I feel really ashamed at how little I’ve been able to do but I’m determined to do my part, trick is only my rig at home has the beef to run any serious 3D modeling software, my works laptop is really not up to the task Wink

So onwards and upwards.

in case anyone was wondering, the two game design projects I’m planning are very different indeed from previous work. One is a kids game that I got the inspiration from an arcade machine. The other is yet another spin off from my large project “Life”.

Hack-1 Evolved isn’t being neglected either, I managed to get a little time to contribute to it’s outlying design.

For all three I’m determined to make them a reality but I am very conscious to get the designs just right.

Simon (darkside) Jackson

Simon (darkside) Jackson

Engineer, industry executive, research enthusiast. Avid learner with diverse interests in coding, game development, Mixed Reality (AR/VR/XR) and reinforcement learning. 25+ years of experience working in multinational corporations and startups.


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