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Along the trail of my ever growing Blog roll (must be up to about 50 rolls a day from about 300, it’s a wonder I’m not putting on weight!!), More Blender goodness has come my way.

First off – The Blender Art Magazine

This is a free downloadable magazine, contributed from the blender community, full of useful tips and fantastic artwork. Each new edition covers another amazing facet of Blenders capabilities.

Check it out

Issue 8, the current edition.

Next – The Ten minute Drawing Techniques Blog

Mark Chong in Toronto, Ontario, CA, has a good blog roll going of a collection of 10 minute introductions into drawing, he uses Autodesks Sketchbook but there are several other apps that can be used instead or even just grab out the old Pen and Paper!, more info also on the Blender Nation site

Lastly – An updated Blender script to fix Direct X exporting woes

Minahito on the XNA Creators Club forums, mentions an updated fix to the standard Blender DirectX exporter which fixes the issue of parent bones and multiple armatures (usually requiring some manual handling in the .X file to fix)

you can find more detail at http://sunday-lab.blogspot.com/2007/03/blender-plug-in-patch-for-xna-animation.html

the patch is intended to work in cooperation with the Animation Component Library on Codeplex.

Happy Drawings


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