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Last year, I mentioned about EA releasing the fabulous (of it is time) game that started a whole raft of other like minded games (that sounded better in my head 🙂 ), it was Command and Conquer.

Now here he are and they have decided that since Red Alert 3 is coming along nicely, they would like to remind you what the hell the series was about and to this end they have now released Red Alert 1 for FREE.

Also if your really good and pre order Red Alert 3, they will also furnish you with a full series copy of Red Alert 2

Red Alert 1 in case you do not remember brought in the wonderful idea, that with this big expanse of water around most battle fields, it might be nice to use that to bombard the enemy from afar, laughing away at the ground based troops who could on hide and cower and unable to reach them (at least until your subs could pop up and blow them to smithereens) or to be able to sneak troops aground the enemy’s flank by water and drop them straight into your base if you were not careful. Usually promoting such phrases as “Where is my construction site gone!”.

Although unlike last time there are no novelty gifts available, pah.

With Red Alert 3 looking like a nice new puppy waiting for you to buy it by looking so lovely in the shop window, and it it looking damn fine at the moment (I really like the Empire of the rising sun, the new 3’d playable enemy), make me think back to my old faithful friend with fond memories and eager to walk into the shop and pick up that new dog.

Here’s hoping that house training wont be so messy this time.


On another Note

An annoying thing has been plaguing my site recently, unfriendly people are starting to make me administer my blog with a lot more vigour, they having been commenting on random posts (usually old’ish ones) with shameless advertising. Or worse, in a language other than on my site, which when I look into it, turns out to be more advertising, or worse (I have enough Viagra thank you and do not need yet another supplier. that amount being none, thank you very much)


A Last Mention

If you have not heard already, next week see’s the final Beta for XNA Game Studio 3.0 (not long to the full version now). This release is pretty much feature complete, although publishing to the XBOX is still not available, most likely because they need to update the BOX side it’ self and like the last version update, this usually breaks compatibility. With DreamBuildPlay nearly finished, I can well understand the need to wait (Since it is all being showcased on XNA 2).

Maybe next year and the net contest, we ay see categories for games and not just one overall winner, would be good to have classes for PC, XBOX and Zune as separate categories. maybe even one category for and all in one (a game that can be deployed to all 3 platforms, albeit a bit tricky)

Make me want to finally find some time and get back to programming goodness (if only work would ease off), in Case your wondering I’m writing this blog now from Chennai in India, where my work delights on sending me quiet frequently to keep our outsourced development arm moving (well moving in approximately the right direction at least). I Do not mind it and it is a great experience to some here but I do miss the wife and kids. (and not having any personal life working all hours here :-( )

I recommend as well popping over to Sharky’s Blog, as he’s gone and got himself an interview with a Mag – published here. Well worth a read as it reminds me of my own background (which is surprisingly similar, especially how I got into XNA). Also good to see all the hard work he is putting into Sharky’s Air Legendswhich is also his Dream Build Play entry this year.

Sharky's Air Legends - more mayhem


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