Nice to have a mention

Seems I’m getting notice more and more these day’s, always good.

I got a mention in an interview with Microsoft Dave Mitchell about my involvement in the XBOX360Homebrew contest. (Will get round to updating HACK-1 in time)

XNATutorial blog gave me a mention in the monthly updates (nice!)

And now a new site has sprung up called NewsXNA, looks good so far, although only containing links to other resource site but shows a lot of promise.

Suggest you add it to your favorite links and head over there once in a while.

Merry Xmas and a Happy new year to you all



As a bit of a teaser I should hopefully blogging up a more detailed Camera Guide (not tutorial, just reference) and some info on terrain creation and management.

Sorry nothing on Shaders yet, just bussyyy, for some reason

Simon (darkside) Jackson

Simon (darkside) Jackson

Engineer, industry executive, research enthusiast. Avid learner with diverse interests in coding, game development, Mixed Reality (AR/VR/XR) and reinforcement learning. 25+ years of experience working in multinational corporations and startups.


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