Oculus Rift 3D stereoscopic rendering support in SunBurn is here!

A fantastic announcement over on the SunBurn community blogs has just surfaced which is just amazing. HolPhone3D ad already built an amazing plug-in for SunBurn to allow easy stereoscopic rendering with just a few lines of code, todays announcement goes above and beyond hat, read the except from the blog below:

Get ready for Oculus Rift ready titles powered by SunBurn

The wait is nearly over and dev kits are shipping this week! Lot’s of excitement is all over the web as people want to develop and experience new 3D games within the Oculus Rift. I’ll be getting mine as part of the first wave, so I’ve updated my Stereoscopic Renderer for Oculus Rift rendering support. Check out the video for what it looks like and how to use it. If you need a refresher on how easy it is to get Stereoscopic support in SunBurn check out my blog post here: Stereo3D in SunBurn

Start coding now: 3D StereoscopicRenderer Plugin


Adding OculusRift support to your game is still under 5 lines of code!

If you have a shipping title and you’re interested in adding support, it should be easy. All the samples in SunBurn are super simple to add support just by following the instructions in the plugin. If you run into a snag, just post or even better – crack open the source and fix it!

How can you help? Managed to Native driver interop anyone…

This plugin will handle all the heavy lifting for rendering to the Oculus Rift, but the first set of drivers for the sensor data from the SDK will be all native. Meaning, we won’t get out the box head tracking support until this is completed. I don’t have any practical experience doing interop to drivers from C# and I won’t know exactly what format the data is coming back in to update the orientation until the SDK is released. Any volunteers here would be greatly appreciated, please reply back here to let me know if you’re interested.

And last but certainly not least Stereoscopic OculusRift support is incoming on SunBurn 2.1!

That’s right folks, C# Win8 Modern RT apps running in stereo mode with Oculus Rift support is right around the corner with the upcoming public 2.1 Early Adopter release. I’ll be releasing the plugin updates for the 2.1 EA program starting soon. Below is a pic of the stereo renderer running on my SurfaceRT. And for those of you wondering, there were almost no changes to my sources to make this happen, 2.1 really is that close to 2.0! 😉


Go forth and embrace the future of all things stereoscopic (and Oculus Rift) in SunBurn!


What’s even more mazing is that HoloPhoe3D ha already announced that his system is fully compatible with the upcoming SunBurn Platform API and enhanced engine so from day one I will have his great plugin available.

Top That!!! Open-mouthed smile

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