Open Live Writer is a GO!!

Thought I would give this a go as some cunning bods have taking the decade old code of the awesome Windows Live Writer (WLW for short) and open sourced it, creating Open Live Writer

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You can read all about this awesome development here, over on Scott Hanselmann’s blog:

<a title=](]( This is a big achievement and yet another gem dragged out of retirement and brought openly to the web for all to build. Granted as Scott Notes: > “ **IMPORTANT HISTORICAL NOTE:** Much of the code in Open Live Writer is nearly 10 years old. The coding conventions, styles, and idioms are circa .NET 1.0 and .NET 1.1. You may find the code unusual or unfamiliar, so keep that in mind when commenting and discussing the code. Before we start adding a bunch of async and await and new .NET 4.6isms, we want to focus on stability and regular updates. “ SO take care when offering to help out and contribute to this project. It will be softly softly for a while. I believe this is awesome news, I finally have my favourite blogging client back, now with community support (and I do not have to install a bunch of aging Live tools to get it either) Proof in the pudding as this post was written with the new and release (soon to be improved) [Open Live Writer](

Simon (darkside) Jackson

Simon (darkside) Jackson

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