Please be patent while we sort out the Holiday Cheer

Things have been quiet recently what with the Holidays and all. In fact WordPress even gave me an early present when I updated they kindly reset my entire site back to it’s theme defaults, how nice of them.

So the blog looks a big of a mess at the mo and my time is as tight as ever, so I’ll eventually get round to sorting it out.

On the horizon for 2013 I’ve still get several articles lined up for perusal:

  • The continuation of the XNA futures series with a high level view of the new SunBurn API, really brewing up to be something special (did plan to get this out before Christmas but hit a few speed bumps, time wise)
  • The next steps in the XNA futures series with a more in depth and comparative view of all the discussed frameworks (and maybe a few more)
  • Will get round to continuing the posts on XNA content building in Win 8
  • A summary post on the app I wrote for the Intel App Innovation contest doing image capture and drawing on the Win 8 desktop (not for the faint hearted)
  • A MonoGame feature on how to get ready to deploy to all it’s supported platforms
  • Much more

As ever if you would like to hear more on any particular subject, just pop a comment and vote in the “vote for content” link at the top of my blog page, or click here.


Simon (darkside) Jackson

Simon (darkside) Jackson

Engineer, industry executive, research enthusiast. Avid learner with diverse interests in coding, game development, Mixed Reality (AR/VR/XR) and reinforcement learning. 25+ years of experience working in multinational corporations and startups.


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