So you want to be a Unity3D game developer?


Unity3D has been making great strides of late, it is has been one of the big go-to middleware engines for budding iOS and Android game developers and even expanded its reach to Web, Windows desktop and other platforms.

Be sure to also check out the sister post to this article “Monster Set of Resources” for even more content, I try to keep these up to date with new additions as I find them.

It is recent Microsoft partnerships have also been making big waves and have spurred on its adoption, introducing both the Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 platforms and more recently with the announcement of Xbox One support, best of all it is completely free for all Microsoft platforms.

Unity3D comes in three flavours:

align= Unity3D Trial

When you first download Unity3D and setup a new account you get access to all of Unities tools and accessories that are included in the Pro version for 30 days, after that it will revert to the Free version or you can pay for Pro.

align= Unity3D Free

As it says on the box, this is the default Free tier for Unity, you get access to the editor and all the basic features, however some advanced performance, profiling and graphics features are disabled. You can still make one heck of a game if you do it right and it is perfect while you are learning Unity. But once your game gets beyond a certain size you may find the lack of the pro features limiting.

With Unity 5, this gap has closed a lot with the installed editor, the Pro version now focuses on the new Cloud features.

align= Unity3D Pro

Basically every tool and feature of Unity at your disposal, for Unity 4 this includes LOD support, texture batching, asset streaming, custom splash screens, 3D textures and HDR. For Unity 5, most editor features (except splashscreen config) are included and Pro now focuses on the cloud features. For a detailed comparison check the Unity download page for a view of the Pro vs Free features.


So how to get started?

As with my Monster links post, I have compiled an extensive list of resources at your disposable on your Unity3D journey, split up in to sections to allow you to target what you need.

Beginner tutorials

Intermediate tutorials

2D specific tutorials


Project based training – learn by doing

Video based tutorials

Unity3D component tutorials

Unity3D master sites – Unity training is just their thing

Unity3D paid for training

Design or 3D modelling help

Shader help and tutorials

Performance and architecture

Platform specific

Animation and Mecanim

Generic Tips and Tricks

Multiplayer tutorials

Music and Audio

Unity addons and engines

Cloud and backend systems

Help and forums

Sample Projects

The new UI system (uGUI)


Other things to check

On with the show

If you know of any other stella resources out there that will help out a new comer to Unity3D or a set of advanced tutorials and resources then be sure to comment below and I will add them in.

Like the other “Monster Set of Resources” post, I try to keep these up to date with new additions as I find them.

Party on.

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