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Autodesk has recently announcing it’s going to be offering a free (yes FREE) online training course for those people who want to get into the creative side of game development.

Now it’s not quite ready yet as they are just refining the course and testing it out in the Laguna College of Art & Design (LCAD) in California.

So it’s not available as yet, but keep you’re eye’s peeled for the notice.

It’s also worth noting in this article that Autodesk are also offering a six-month student trial version of Autodesk’s Maya and a 30-day trial version of Mudbox to assist in the training with the goal to have game engine-ready assets and have them loaded and functioning in the game engine.

Check out the original article over at Game career guide here.

** Update

Looks like autodesk have some requirements for you to be elidible for the course, see below

Access to the Curriculum

“Vehicle for Games” is available in English on the Autodesk Education Community, in the Level 4 content on the Industry Careers Framework micro site. Please note that the Autodesk Education Community is accessible only to faculty and students with a valid email address from a registered educational institution.

See –

So similar to Microsoft’s Dreamspark, it looks like this is only available for current education followers (read students Tongue out), so it’s either time to go back to school or keep looking.

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