The search continues

Life goes on and yet more work doesn’t get done, seems to be my mottos these days, trying to find the time to do something continues. Sure I work on little things, small cogs in the machine but not much to show for it.

Anyway on my search for more to find my travels introduced me to 2 new favorites of mine, the first being the Pensive Gamer.

Like myself Joseph Molnar runs a good developer diary of sorts with lots of good info and a nice little beginners into to XNA and Games development, a sort of how to and where to go list of links and info, very well though out.

Worth a look! (and add to your ever expanding Blog roll)

lately he’s been blogging some very useful info on Threading with XNA, what it is, what it means to you and your game and more importantly the pitfalls and tribulations to avoid when including threading into your game. Very important as you game grows and adds more intensive features!!

Following on from this brings me to the other site of note I’ve found of late (yesterday actually).

For those of you like myself who are ever venturing into the land of shaders (an the troubles of getting to grips with them!), I should point you to the Aliens, or rather the Aliens of Extraordinary Ability, cus you know the regular ones aren’t really up to scratch.

Mike has been running some great Shader intros and resources to help out others in the community hungry for such info (including me) and even of late dropping a few links to some fun engadget articles on what to do with XNA when your not making games, like a fun XNA screensaver for instance to wow your work colleges, honest!

Check it out and hopefully we’ll see even more shader goodness coming from this camp!

Oh and lastly on the subject of shaders, my memories failing and don’t remember if I ever posted this little Shader tutorial that I found on Gamedev.NET some time ago, oh well here’s the links anyway:

Shader Programming Part I: Fundamentals of Vertex Shaders – this 5 part series is an extract from the very successful ShaderX series, although be warned a lot of the info is from Pre-DirectX 8, but is still good for background info on how shaders work. A wealth of information can be found by just SEARCHING gamedev and such sites, never underestimate a good search. ahem.

and the Shader demos on DHPOware, which lead by example on how to achieve some great shading techniques

Until the next time I have a spare 5 min’s!

Simon (darkside) Jackson

Simon (darkside) Jackson

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