The up-n-comming XNA beta update

For most of you in the know the XNA framework and XNA Games Studio Express are going to get a refresh to beta 2, thanks to Dave “LetsKillDave” Weller (still gotta love his alias), he has given an example of the changes to a sample tutorial, in this case Kurt Jagers 2D Tile game tutorial (I happen to like this one a lot)

So if any of you are considering upgrading to the next Beta (I am since some of the changes now include the content pipeline and I’d rather get these changes in now , fairly early into my project), I would suggest reading over Dave’s little intro and for more Beta 2 Detail head over to theZbuffer, to get zMans details from the Code camp and some more examples of changes.

Link to Let’s Kill Dave! : Migrating an XNA Application from Beta 1 to Beta 2

In my own game world, things finally have started to progress a bit, a good warning for any other aspiring beginners is this

“If your thinking of having a project that is moddable or has Loadable/Editable levels (ie not just stored in-game), start thinking about your editor first and what you need to store save”

The amount of refactoring and rework i’ve done once I started doing the map editor, is well, exhausting and a good lesson to learn,lol. (whimper) But one i’m glad to have come though, the upside is now that the editor is well under way, the actual game mechanics are a lot easier to implement.


if you read to the end Dave is definatley hinting at a sooner rather than later release date, read between the lines and he seems to be hinting (by the end of the week), whoohoo is all I can say, roll on the content pipeline.

Simon (darkside) Jackson

Simon (darkside) Jackson

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