The XNA Trip

Well most of us at some point will casually chat to the XNA team on the forums or IRC, usually asking for answers to questions or problems, or for the more persistent one’s pestering about new features and why things are just the way they want them.

Well for Benjamin Nitschke’s, a native of Germany, (who also wrote Rocket Commander for Coding4Fun) he got to go over to Seattle and work with the XNA team on his game that’s even going to be released as one of the starter kits when XNA is released next month. Go see his accounting of his trip which he has thankfully shared on his blag, photos included.

Always wanted to see more of Seattle that what you get in Frasier!!

Like WOW…, Great Work Benjamin aka ExdreamDuck (don’t know about that one!), look forward to see your work out there and having a play with XNARacer when it’s out.

For those of you who didn’t see the XNA video montage which Dave Weller blogged about last week, then Ben has put a better version up on his site as the one in the montage was an old alpha (and I thought that was fantastic!!), so expect more

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