UK's largest Unity3D porting day - November 29th London


Here is a bit of news you don’t want to miss if you are an existing Unity3D developer in the UK, Nokia and Unity3D have gotten together with some assistance from Microsoft to hold the UK’s largest Unity3D porting event.

The event is aimed at existing Unity3D developers who already built games for other platforms and have not yet deployed to Windows Phone or Windows 8 for whatever reason.

If you are new to Unity3D or already have games on Windows / Windows Phone then unfortunately this day isn’t for you but keep a look out for news of more events and offers, no doubt this event wo not stop here, or check out the new challenges on which seem to favor games.


Probably the most asked question I have heard from many Unity3D devs out there who are already successful on other platforms, where is my ROI, what is in it for me?

The answer is QUITE A LOT!

Nokia and Unity3D are making the following available on the day to port your games:

  • Pre-Built Windows laptops loaded with Unity Pro
  • Copies of Parallel’s already configured with Unity Pro (if you are a Mac user)
  • Devices on mass to test and play with on the day, everything from 520’s to the new 6” 1520 and even some 2520 Win 8 tablets
  • Dev accounts and registrations
  • Help and support from Unity3D officials and Windows / Windows Phone support staff

Basically everything you need to get your game ported over to the Windows / Windows Phone platform in one day, all available to you and that is not all.


Attendees who manage to port and start publishing on the day have a chance to take home – stuff

Just about everyone is guaranteed to take home something (subject to availability, first win, first to take home stuff), such as:

  • Nokia Lumia 2520’s – the new 10.1” Windows 8 tablet


  • Nokia Lumia 1520’s – the 6” Phone Phablet


  • Nokia Lumia 1020’s – the one with the ridiculous mega pixel camera


  • A Mix of Lumia 625’s and 520’s and others.


  • Copies of Parallels and Unity Pro


So all this day is going to cost you is time, one day to get all the help and expertise you need to get started on the new Windows / Windows Phone platforms and even a chance to walk away with new gear.

What are you waiting for?

Just bring along your game on your laptop or USB stick and get porting, for FREE.

For full details of the event and where to register check out the eventbrite page for the event below.

Simon (darkside) Jackson

Simon (darkside) Jackson

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