UKTechdays Online - Follow up

Following up from the UK Techdays (#uktechdays) online conference we presented at, the full conference is now available online for re-viewing, in case you missed them on the day.

Click on the Image above to link to the main post with full links to the sessions, these being:


Track One: Building Apps for Phone

Track Two: Building Games for Phone

15:00 – 15:45

Keynote: Developing for Windows Phone 7 in the UK<p></p>

PPT slides<p></p>

(Will Coleman)

15:45 – 16:30

General session: Tips & Tricks for Windows Phone 7 Applications and Marketplace<p></p>

(Mike Ormond & Paul Foster)

16:30 – 16:40


16:40 – 17:25

Using the MVVM Pattern <p></p>

Practical AI in XNA Games<p></p>

PPT slides<p></p>

PPT slides<p></p>

(Laurent Bugnion)

(Paul Foster)

17:25 – 17:35


17:35 – 18:20

Performance Optimisation<p></p>

Overview of 3D Collision Detection Techniques in XNA<p></p>

PPT slides<p></p>

PPT slides<p></p>

(Oren Nachman)

(Ed Powell)

18:20 – 18:30


18:30 – 19:15

Platform Integration<p></p>

Incorporating Advanced Render Techniques in WP7 XNA Games: Rendering a Sea<p></p>

PPT slides<p></p>

PPT slides<p></p>

(Yochay Kiriaty)

(Charles Humphrey/Ed Powell)

19:15 – 19:25


19:25 – 20:10

Push Notification Services<p></p>

Sunburn World Lighting on Windows Phone 7<p></p>

PPT slides<p></p>

PPT slides<p></p>

(Andy Wigley)

(Simon Jackson)

20:10 – 20:30

Q&A / Wrap Up

Bottom of Form

As you can see there was lots to see on the day. As a “tip of the cap” I have also included the sessions from those evil doers on the Silverlight track who seemed to rob most of our attendees for the day (well at least you guys can view the XNA sessions as well and see what you missed out on, Pauls Enthusiasm for one.

Be warned watching the XNA track, you better have your seatbelt fastened as we had a LOT of fun doing it!

Although I must admit I need to go and watch Laurent’s session on MVVM now for my latest project! Winking smile

Double Tap

Also do not forget to check out Mike’s and Pauls Summary posts on the two tracks here: – Mike Ormond – Paul Foster

Run of the Mill – run for your life

You might also want to check out my follow up videos from my SunBurn session over on

Time to Code!

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