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Well as I mentioned in my last post, XNA Game Studio express Beta 2 would be coming soon and lo and behold what did I find while checking my blog posts this morning, just this lovely little post from the XNA team

XNA Beta 2 Released

Well the XNA teams post and several others from the noted team (and people who were up a lot earlier than myself), so I’m off now to update my project to Beta 2 and make use of the content pipeline and some of the other notably better features.

For the XNAHomeBrew competition I do not think it matters which version of the studio you use so long as it works at the end of the day but I did enter the competition for a challenge and there nothing more challenging than starting over (ish, well updating my code), at least my hard didn’t fail and I feel sorry for the guy it happened to.

TTFN and happy downloading.

I will make one point, read the README that comes with the download first (I usually do not but hayho), there is an important point about uninstalling XNA beta 1 first, running C# Express before installing Beta 2 and also a registry fix for those of you who use the full studio on the same box (XNA uninstall reregisters stuff it really should not, although this is fixed in Beta 2)

Link to XNA Team Blog : XNA Game Studio Express Beta 2 Available for Download

Simon (darkside) Jackson

Simon (darkside) Jackson

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