Windows 8 Platform starter kit has gone down

It’s truly a sad day today. I was notified by one of the newest readers of my book that the site that hosted the FREE game art I use as the basis of the books game has gone DOWN…


Some of the content has started to come back (thanks to Matthew for pointing that out) at the bottom of the site page.  Resources have been moved over to some Azure hosting pages to keep them alive.

WootStudio who were part of MS Dev in Canada has closed it’s site down, bringing an end to many of their creations, including:

  • The Tower Game Starter kit (Tutorials, Art and assets for creating a simple TD game)
  • The Windows 8 Platformer starter kit Art and assets for 2D platformers
    This spurred many devs (including me) to create tutorials from these assets like <a title=]( ]( "A Sad day for the loss of awesomness") - The Unity porting kit and guides They were trully an astounding force for getting things in to beginners hands and giving them a leg up. Granted all is not lost, visiting the page now redirects you to MS Dev Canada’s main site with a promise all the content will be hosted elsewhere but for now, it’s gone OR IS IT Well, since everyone makes a lot of use of these assets (including readers of my book! :S) I’ve taken the files I had stored for the art set and hosted them on [my DropBox]( "Platform starter kit asset downloads") [![image](]( "Free 2D Platformer game assets") The entire collection can now be found here –[]( > **\*Note For readers of my book you can also find all the art and assets in the Code / Assets download that accompanies the book in the “Downloading the example code” section of the Preface.** Long live the fighters!! ![ /></p> ](
Simon (darkside) Jackson

Simon (darkside) Jackson

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