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Following my recent in-depth article on getting your online meeting running in AltspaceVR (part of a series for online events services), I’ve been asked by several people to “show me the money” and do a show and tell in AltspaceVR to demonstrate how easy it is.

If you missed the event, check out the write up here

Running an event in AltspaceVR an end to end guide

The virtual tour not on tour

And since I always love a challenge, I’m going to do just that:



The schedule of the event will be as follows:

  • Check your virtual coat into the cloakroom on site
  • Pick your hat (near the cloakroom or next to the stage)
  • There will be 30 minutes to get acquainted with the event space
  • Presentation to start at 6:30 PM prompt
  • Questions section to follow after the presentation
  • Warm down and general chat until closing.

Event rules

  • Be nice to everyone
  • Please install the AltspaceVR client on your device/pc before the event and complete the tutorial (so it does not interfere with your experience)
  • Try not to “zoom” around the event while the presentation is on
  • Try not to block anyone else’s view (check your surroundings)
  • If you have a question, use the “ Raise a hand ” feature which will be on screen
  • If you have a complaint about the event or the conduct of another attendee, please use the AltspaceVR contact page to report it.
    We want everyone to have the best experience possible

What will be covered in the session

  • I’ll run through a presentation I put together based on the article
  • Go through step by step what you need to do to get up and running
  • Provide some short videos to demonstrate what you can do
    (Only because this isn’t inception and I can’t have anyone walking around my mind)
  • And then a Q and A session until AltspaceVR lock the doors and kick us out

The session is going to be recorded and posted on one of my many YouTube channels. There is also the likelihood I’ll have to run this again for some other timezones if there is sufficient demand (more than 1 person 😀 )

Additionally, I have pulled in some favors and should have some AltspaceVR staff on hand for anything I can’t specifically answer.

What is not going to be covered


The event is focused on helping as many people as possible to get enough information to start their own online events due to the rising demand to transition physical events, so the event is for everyone wanting to achieve that goal.

Some advanced topics will be covered in future sessions and articles for the sake of time, so I will not be presenting:

  • Creating your own world
  • Creating your own AltspaceVR content
  • The AltspaceVR SDK
  • An in-depth overview of
  • An in-depth overview of Google slides

But feel free to ask either myself or the AltspaceVR staff at the event questions after the show.

It’s time to get connected and experience connecting virtually

So come one and all, experience the fun of AltspaceVR and then take what you learn and create your own events, in whichever language suits you best.

Running an event in AltspaceVR an end to end guide

The virtual tour not on tour

P.S. there will be a choice of hats to wear at the event.

Simon (darkside) Jackson

Simon (darkside) Jackson

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